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Smithbrook Glassblowing Studio
26, Smithbrook Kilns
On the A281 5 miles south of Guildford

History of Glassblowing

During the reign of Elizabeth I there were no less than 11 glass works in Chiddingfold Parish providing glass for some of the finest buildings including St Stephens Chapel, Westminster, and St Georges Chapel at Windsor.

In the middle ages the heavily forested area of the Weald of Sussex and Surrey provided the glassblowers with the natural resources necessary for the glass industry.

Wood and charcoal were used to fuel the furnace, silica from the sand and potash from the ashes of beech, oak or bracken and lime. Following the immigration of glassmakers from Europe in the late 16th Century, there was a great improvement in the quality of the glass being made. In the 17th Century, the British glass industry radically changed.

James I was so alarmed by the rate the forest was being consumed wood was banned from being a fuel for furnaces. The glass industry was then forced to move to areas where coal was readily available.

Now the ancient skills have returned to the Weald.