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Smithbrook Glassblowing Studio
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Creating a paperweight

Making a paperweight

During this time you will have a wonderful opportunity to make a most individual and exciting gift for yourself or for someone special.

You will experience a sense of achievement having created something something from a material that started life as a grain of sand.

In this two-hour course, guided by highly skilled glassmaker Jake Mee in his working glass studio, you will learn the techniques to enable you to create your own individual paperweight.

No experience will be necessary for the student to work this magical medium.

During the course you will be introduced to techniques such as:

  • Gathering glass from the furnace at around 1080 degrees using specialist glass making irons
  • Applying your choice of colour using enamel glass chips and powders
  • For an extra special paperweight, 22ct gold or silver leaf can be applied at an additional cost
  • At temperatures of around 800 degrees and above, you will be fusing the colours into the glass enabling you to shape and manipulate the form using the tools of the craft

Jake will be your personal assistant whilst you sit at the bench to ensure that you achieve your creative aims

When your paperweight is finished it will be placed into an annealing oven to cool overnight.  The finishing process involves grinding, smoothing and polishing the base.

Sensible shoes must be worn and long hair tied back.

Don't forget to bring your camera!

The cost of this course is

£85.00 per person

Payment is required in advance and is non-refundable.